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Founded in 1902, Qingdao textile industry is one of the earliest industrial bases of that in China. It promotes the city’s urbanization process, nurtures the city’s industry and commerce, and is known as “Mother Industry” of Qingdao.

Qingdao Textiles Group is the succeeding subject of the textile civilization over a century in Qingdao and a platform for creation and development. It takes textile as main business, focusing on cotton spinning, integrating manufacture and trade, and combining production, study and research. It is a specialized textile company with a complete industrial chain. With annual turnover of more than 5 billion Yuan, it is among the top 500 textile and garment enterprises, and ranks high in the field of cotton and yarn-dyed spinning in China.

Through industrial layout readjusting and product restructuring, as well as unceasingly innovation in market strategy and operation mode, the Group has formed research and development centre, property management centre, marketing centre, logistics distribution center, and fund management centre. Centering on “Special Textiles, Scientific Textiles and Healthy Textiles”, it is dedicated to build a textile fleet with strong research and development ability, high-grade products and broad market.

To support vigorous development, the Group has cultivated the outstanding talented person troop-expert-based leaders, the professional management team, the innovative marketing team and highly qualified workforce.

The Group devotes to the new material application and becomes strategic partner of many world's leading materials developers and manufacturers. New materials such as Tencel, Modal, Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Silk, Wool, Viloft and etc are extensively used in products.

The Group devotes to new processes innovation. Summarizing from practice, 60 years ago, the Group created “Hao Jianxiu Operation Philosophy, 5-1Weaving Operation Methods and 5-3 Weaving Maintenance Methods”, and greatly promoted China’s textile industry development. Now, through textile function optimization and tendency research,the Group comprehensively utilizes characteristics of new materials and fiber, and integrates them with cotton spinning technology. Processes innovation in the industrial chain-spinning, weaving and dyeing has led to constant enhancement and optimization in complex function of new materials and multi-component fiber. In a word, the Group has mastered multi-component fiber ratio and structure law, new methods of yarn weaving and key technologies of dyeing and finishing processes, forming unique core capabilities in technology and serialization products.

The Group devotes to the new product development. Outstanding creative design and process development strength enable the leading position of its multi-component and differentiated yarns and fabrics in design development and productivity in China. Its original fabric materials and home textile products have repeatedly won big prizes in nationwide design competitions in recent years, making the Group selected in Chinese home textiles fashion trend enterprises. It has released independent brand products such as “Qingdao Textiles” fabric materials, “Rhyme” new Chinese home textiles, “Hainuoer” garments and etc. Through cross-sectoral cooperation with renowned Haier Group, the Group has built "Haier Brothers" children's home textile and clothing brand. Its multi-component, differentiated and functional products enjoy reputation for unique styles and characteristics in textile industry.

The Group has well-equipped industrial foundation. Through sustained adjustment and upgrade since "the 11th Five-Year", it has formed specialized production factories of characteristic yarns, home textile fabrics and garment fabrics, and owned world first-class compact spinning equipment, with big and small jacquards as well as border closing installment, 190㎝-390㎝ width imported jets and gripper looms, and precision textile test instruments. Comb ability and non-attachment ability achieve 100%. Plied yarns 100% use two-for-one twisters. The group has achieved 100% shuttleless weaving. ERP real-time management of high-end digital equipment provides technical support for high quality products. Apart from cotton manufacturing, the Group invests in printing and dyeing, home textiles, knitwear and other related industries, forming industrial park for cotton manufacturing, knitted garments as well as printing and dyeing. The Group has various controlled shareholding enterprises, and can provide integrative order solutions according to customers’ needs.

The Group has unimpeded physical distribution market network. In the international market, it has established stable and good cooperation with merchants of the Five Continents, and invested and set up business organizations in many countries of Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. While in the domestic market, its business spreads the nation. It not only establishes regional marketing centers in Nantong, Shanghai, Shaoxing and etc, but also opens more than ten fashion life halls and home textile flagship stores in Qingdao. With a complete physical distribution allocation system at home and abroad, the Group provides customers with personalized service programs and professional and perfect service.

The Group devotes to multiplex development. Relying on 20 years experience of real estate investment and development, as well as resources superiority in talents, land and fund, the Group invests in operation of real estate and commercial real estate, achieves good results, and realizes benign interaction with its principal work.

Aiming at “Special Textiles, Scientific Textiles and Healthy Textiles”, the Group adheres to the core principle of “Respect, Commitment, Sincerity, Cooperation and Development”, positively implements the integration of industrialization and the informationization, and does its utmost to promote transformation, upgrading and harmonious development.

As a century-old specialized company, the Group is willing to fully cooperate with domestic and foreign partners, to realize win-win development, and to make its contributions to improving people’s quality of life and promoting the development of textile science.

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